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This week at pre-school …

Sunday 28th June 2015

We have had a very busy week at pre-school.  We have been looking after our caterpillars and watching them grow into beautiful butterflies.  Each day we have been watching them and waiting patiently for them to turn into butterflies.


We have been weaving ribbon and material through our butterfly and dragon-fly weaving frames which we will be hanging in our garden.  It was a bit tricky to weave through at first but we soon got the hang of it and made them look very pretty with all the different coloured ribbon and material.


Our vegetables have been growing very well because we have been watering them each day.  The radish and lettuce were ready to pick so we pulled them from the soil, washed them and then ate some.  Some of us had never tried radish before.


As the butterflies had now grown fully it was time to release them into the sky so we went down to Courtney Primary School and released them into the meadow area.  At first the butterflies would not fly out of their home.  One of the butterflies flew onto the Auntie’s hand and then flew away into the meadow.  We all waved goodbye to them.