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Newsletter September 2016

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to the new school year.  We hope you have all had a great summer.  Welcome to all the new children and families who have joined us this term and welcome back to all the children that are returning after the summer break.  We have enjoyed hearing about your summer adventures and the places you have visited.

Settling in week  The children have settled really well during the first week.  It has been lovely getting to know their little personalities and supporting them to settle into the routine of pre-school.  We understand it can be upsetting seeing the children crying or if your own child becomes upset at the start of the day.  However this is never for long and the children soon become engaged in an activity and are supported and comforted by the staff.  It can take some children a longer period of time to settle than others, therefore we will support you and your child fully to provide a happy transition into the pre-school day.  Your child’s key person is always happy to talk with you should you have any concerns or wish to know how your child is settling.  Alternatively please come and speak with Claire the manager who is here to support you all.  We aim to write in your child’s individual ‘home to pre-school link books’ each week to let you know what your child has been enjoying at pre-school.  We invite you to also write in the books to let us know what your child has been enjoying at home or if they have been somewhere special.

Getting to know you.  During the next couple of weeks we are talking about our families and getting to know each other.  Therefore could we please ask that each child brings in a photo of their family and/or pets to put on our display at pre-school. This will provide comfort to the children and a sense of belonging knowing they can show us who their family and pets are.  The children really enjoy sharing the photos and are proud to tell us about their family.

Safety around the pre-school before and after pre-school hours.  Please can we respectfully ask that you do not allow your child to roam around the pre-school grounds before and after pre-school hours.  There are particular areas of the pre-school that the children should not be accessing to ensure their continued safety and these areas have the yellow and black striped barriers to section the area off.  As the gate is left open to welcome you and your child in and away from the road during the morning there is also the worry that the children may go out of the gate if not supervised and as this is a busy road this is a major cause for concern.  Thank you for your continued co-operation in this to ensure the safety of the children.

Sun Safety.  Please remember to bring in your child’s sun cream to keep at pre-school.  Please apply sun cream to your child on sunny days before they come into pre-school.  We will then apply sun cream as appropriate throughout the day.  Please also provide a sun hat for your child on sunny days, thank you.

Storing products safely.  Please can we ask that any items such as sun cream, nappy cream and hand gels are not put in the children’s drawers.  Please can these be passed directly to a member of staff.  This is to ensure they are stored safely and out of children’s reach and for any consent forms to be signed to ensure we can apply such products as necessary.

Snack time. Please can foods for snack time be placed in the trays at the main door.  Please do not leave the fruit in your child’s book bag.  There are stickers by the trays for you to place on your child’s fruit.  Can we ask that all grapes, small sausages and cherry tomatoes are cut in half length ways to prevent a plug in the throat and to minimize the risk of choking.  Can we remind parents not to provide food with nuts to ensure the safety of all children to limit the risk of any allergic reactions.

Labelling of items.  Can all of your child’s items (such as lunch boxes, jumpers, spare clothes, coats) be labelled to ensure their safe return to you.  It is also important to label lunch boxes to ensure your child is given the correct lunch box to eat from. We have quite a few fans of Spiderman and princesses so some lunch boxes are the same so labelling them is a really big help, thank you.

Further sessions available.  Should any of you wish to have more sessions for your child please come to the office and speak to Jo who will see if we can accommodate this.

Nursery Education Grant forms.  It’s always a busy time during the first week of term and we need to have particular paperwork completed by parents so we may claim for the Nursery Education Grant and the Early Years Pupil Premium.  Therefore Jo will be issuing paperwork for parents to complete as necessary and we ask that you complete and return these to us this as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Emails.  Please check your email for further information from us as we issue emails to parents regularly to keep you up to date with pre-school news and information.  We look forward to the rest of the term and will be letting you know throughout the term of any special activities, themes and experiences that we will be providing for the children.

Dates for your diary:   Last day of term 1 – Friday 21st October

First day of term 2 – 31st October

Concept Photography – Tuesday 8th  November

 Last day of term 2 – Tuesday 13th December

Please visit to our Facebook page for term dates, photos and further information about the pre-school which also include what we have been doing at pre-school.