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newsletter 7th May 2015

Thursday 14th May 2015

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to everyone that has brought in the Sainsbury’s vouchers for us to claim resources from them.  We have listened to the children about the resources they would like at pre-school and they have asked for large balls, den building resources and dressing up materials.  These are to be delivered over the next couple of months.

As we use our mud kitchen often could we please ask for any donations of old wellies that you may be throwing away.  We will put them to good use at the pre-school, thank you.

During term 6 we will supporting the children who are to be moving onto ‘big school’ through activities (further details to follow shortly).  One of the activities we like to provide for the children is school role play and talking about uniforms.  If you have any old school uniform for the local schools that you no longer need we would be grateful if you would let us have them at pre-school for the children to use, thank you.

Just a few reminders …………………

  • If you have not yet returned the Concept Photography proofs please do so by Wednesday 13th May, thank you.
  • We still have a few grant forms that need to be signed, if you have not yet signed a grant form then please come and see Claire or Jo in the office, thank you
  • Could we please ask that you provide spare clothes for your child to be kept at pre-school in case of any spillages etc. If you have any spare clothes that you are considering throwing away (including socks) then we would gratefully use them here at pre-school.
  • We are looking to extend children’s experiences at pre-school, to develop their knowledge and curiosity. Therefore we would like to provide woodwork activities for the children and exploring and investigating gadgets and how they work. We ask you for any donations of wood, logs, electrical appliances such as radios that you no longer want for the children to explore. We will of course risk assess and ensure we talk with the children about the safe use of any tools the children may use and there will be constant supervision with the children at these times.If any parents would like to come into pre-school to share an experience with the children please speak to your child’s key person. The children always enjoy parents coming into pre-school and this is a great opportunity for you to see the activities your child is involved with whilst at pre-school.

As we are a charity we really appreciate the support from parents and families, so we would like to extend a big thank you to you all that are able to help with donations and supplying cleaning products and other resources to us, thank you very much.

Our new website is now up and running so please take a look at   We will update this on a weekly basis and will continue to add to this over the coming months. We also have a Facebook page ‘Courtney Ladybirds Pre-school’ that we welcome you to look at.  There are photos of the pre-school and activities on the page and we will look to update this regularly too, so please take a look and share with your friends and family.    At present, we are unable to add any photos of the children due to safeguarding policy and procedures, however we are looking to add children and staff to the website and Facebook in the future.  Please be assured we will not upload any photo of your child to the website or Facebook without your written, signed, full consent.  Should you have any questions please come and talk to Claire.

Dates for your diary: Last day of term 5 – Friday 22nd May 2015:

First day of term 6 – Monday 1st June 2015   Last day of term 6 – Monday 20th July