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Newsletter 20th October 2017

Saturday 21st October 2017

So today is the last day of term 1, this term seems to have whizzed by so fast. The children have settled in to the daily routine of pre-school and are continuing to build friendships and grow and learn every day.  We are back on Monday 30th October for term 2.

Pre-School Family Disco  Tickets are now on sale for our pre-school family disco which is taking place on Friday 17th November 2017 from 7.30pm at the Hanham Folk Centre.  Tickets are £6.00 per family and £2.00 for individual tickets.  There will be a raffle and sweet cones for sale at the disco.  It would be great for everyone to come along to join in the fun therefore if you would like tickets please phone the office on 0117 9353022 or pop into pre-school next term to buy your tickets.  All family and friends are welcome and we look forward to seeing you all there.

What have the children been experiencing at pre-school recently? The children have continued to show great interest in the outdoor environment collecting leaves and using them to make leaf prints with paint.  Thank you to the children that brought in lots of leaves from their walks with their families, it was great to hear about where the children had collected them. This has encouraged the children to talk about the world around them and where leaves fall from and the many types of leaves that they found.  They also enjoyed counting the leaves which has been a great number activity.

Bugs and mini beasts have been a major interest for a lot of the children this week.  They have been collecting snails and watching them move very slowly and talking about their shells.  The children also found a caterpillar which they were fascinated by and they gave it some leaves to sit on.

We have also been talking to the children about “My Manners” and sharing books and songs with the children to ensure we all use our good manners.  The children have been learning the Makaton signs for please and thank you.

A child’s family have kindly donated some piping and connectors (please excuse me if this is not the correct terminology as I am not too good with building materials 😉  The children have enjoyed using them to learn whilst playing in so many ways. They have been made into phones, a camera, water pistols, car tunnels, sound tubes and telescopes for pirates.  The children have enjoyed exploring how to connect them together and talking about how long they can make it.  It has been fascinating to watch the children use their imagination in so many ways.  Thank you to the family that donated these you have really opened up a whole world of imagination for the children.

Some children have been using hammers and nails this week to follow on their interest of building.  This was on a one to one basis with full risk assessment completed to ensure no fingers or thumbs were hurt.  We spoke to the children about using the hammer and nails safely and wearing our goggles so that nothing went into our eyes.  One of the children said “My daddy doesn’t wear goggles when he uses a hammer, I’m going to tell him he has too”.  So apologies to the dad whose child is now probably making him buy a pair of goggles to do the DIY.  The children really enjoyed hammering the nails into the wood and listening to the loud bang it made every time they hit it with the hammer.  We will continue to extend this with the children over the next term and who knows we may even make something for the children to bring home……… bird box anyone?

The children enjoyed trying Jo’s pumpkin soup that she made and kindly brought in for the children to try.  The children commented how yummy it was, however they didn’t quite realise it was pumpkin and were adamant that it was orange flavoured soup.  The children also helped to carve a pumpkin and gave it three eyes so it was super spooky.  This supported the children’s motor skills as they carefully used the tools to carve the pumpkins and we also spoke to them about using the tools safely.

New Playhouse and Hobbit House  Over the past couple of terms we have been talking to the children about improving our outdoor space.  They have come up with lots of suggestions such as a rope swing, little kitchen, little tiny stairs, decorations on the trees.  It has been lovely hearing their ideas of what they would like to play with and have in the garden.  Whilst we would love to provide a rope swing for the children we think maybe this would be a little too much of a risk and so we will be providing a playhouse and a hobbit house for the children.

Over the next few weeks the Playhouse will be designed especially for the children and built at the pre-school.  The children will be able to watch the progress of it being made from start to finish. This will give the children a cosy place to play and use their imagination.  The committee have kindly donated their time and ideas for the Playhouse to be built so I would like to thank you very much for all their support and help with this, thank you.

We will also be having a Hobbit House on the artificially grassed area at the pre-school.  This will provide lots of opportunities for the children’s imaginations to flow wherever the Hobbit House takes them.  They might use it to be a fairy princess or a pirate or just to sit in and relax with their friends.

There is a lot of excitement at pre-school for the Hobbit House and Playhouse and that is just from the staff.  It will be lovely for the children to watch their ideas coming to reality at pre-school over the next term.

Ofsted Inspection Some of you may be aware that Ofsted was in pre-school last Friday (13th October).  Thank you to all the parents that took the time to speak to the Ofsted Inspector on the day.  We have yet to receive the report and final grading from Ofsted which can take up to two weeks.  However when we receive this we will ensure to let you know the outcome.

Our newly appointed Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)  Stacey is now our SENCo for the setting.  Over the next few weeks Stacey may arrange for a meeting with some of the parents along with your child’s key person to discuss any support we can put in place for your child at pre-school and for you to get to know Stacey.

Children’ comforters, dummies/pacifiers  We want the children to feel happy and comfortable whilst at pre-school and this includes the children bringing in something that comforts them such as a blanket, cuddly toy or a dummy/pacifier.  This can really help the children to settle and provide reassurance to them whilst they are at pre-school.  There has been an increasing amount of children bringing dummies into pre-school which they like to have all day.  The staff at pre-school gently persuades the children to either keep their dummies in their pockets or in their drawers so they know they are there and can use them if they really need. Please can we ask for your co-operation and write your child’s initials on the dummies to ensure the correct child has the correct dummy.  Also, we are aware that a child having a dummy for a long period of time can affect their speech, pronunciation and them wanting to speak. Therefore we will continue to dissuade the children from having the dummies at pre-school whilst ensuring to take account of their emotional well-being and if they really do need the dummy/pacifier to comfort them or out of habit.  We are aware this can be a delicate subject so please come and speak to us if you have any concerns or support with your child’s use of a dummy, we are always here to help and have your child’s best interests always at the forefront of what we do, thank you.

Concept Photography Thursday 2nd November 8.30 to 10.30am  Concept Photography will be attending the pre-school on Thursday 2nd November from 8.30am to 10.30am.  If your child attends preschool Thursday mornings then their photo will be taken during the normal session.  If your child does not attend on a Thursday morning and you wish your child to have their photo taken please speak to Stacey or Claire to arrange an appointment time.  Siblings are also welcome to come to have their photo with them.  Should you wish your child not to have their photo taken and they attend on a Thursday morning please let Stacey or Claire know please.

Dates for your diary. 

  • Last day of term 1  Friday 20th October
  • First day of term 2  Monday 30th October
  • ZooLab Wednesday 1st November
  • Concept Photography  Thursday 2nd November (8.30 to 10.30am)
  • Debutots Thursday 9th November 10.00am
  • Debutots Wednesday 15th November 1.30pm
  • Family Disco Friday 17th November 7.30pm at Hanham Folk Centre
  • Last day of term 2  Wednesday 13th December 2017
  • First day of term 3  Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Should you require any further information please speak to Claire (manager) or any other team member, thank you.

Have a great week’s break everyone, we’ll see you back at pre-school next term from 30th October 2017