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Newsletter 13th June 2016

Monday 13th June 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Well here we are in term 6 of the school year already, this year seems to have flown by so quickly.  During this term we are supporting the children’s transition to school for the pre-school leavers and preparing to welcome back the children that are staying with us in September along with the new children.

Pre-school leaver’s parents meetings  This week we have arranged parents meetings for the pre-school leavers, your child’s key person will have arranged the date and time with you.  We look forward to discussing your child’s transition with you and asking you to read through your child’s school transition summary form.

Parents meetings for children that are returning to pre-school.  For the children that are returning to pre-school in September your child’s key person will be in contact with you shortly to arrange parents meetings with you for the week commencing 11th July 2016.

Opening times for last day of term Thursday 21st July.  Letters have been issued to parents regarding the last day of term on Thursday 21st July.  On this day we are open for the usual morning session from 9.00 to 12.00.  However we will be closed from 12.00.  From 1.45pm we will be having the pre-school leavers sports event to celebrate their time at pre-school.  This will be a time when the children that are leaving us for school are invited to join us with their parents and family down at Courtney Primary School playing field from 1.45pm.  Further details to follow.

Healthy Living Week 13th June 2016.  This week we will be sharing resources and activities with the children about being healthy such as trying healthy foods and healthy snacks.  Also during this week we will be talking about brushing our teeth as it is National Smile Month.  During this week we will be issuing a ‘Smile’ goody bag to all the children.  This will include a toothbrush, toothpaste, a sand timer and a brushing chart.  These are for your children to use and enjoy brushing their teeth.  Please complete the brushing chart with your child and return it to us after week 4 and we will issue them with their very own certificate to say well done for being good at brushing their teeth.  We have recently purchased new resources to support our teaching of teeth cleaning such as books, the ‘Smile’ goody bags for the children, posters and Smiling Sparkz the Monkey to encourage children to brush their teeth.  Should you wish to have more information regarding healthy teeth this can be found at

Teddy bears picnic week 13th June 2016.  Also during this week we will be exploring healthy foods and making our own sandwiches for a picnic with our teddies.  Therefore we invite all the children to bring in their teddy or favourite cuddly toy into pre-school to join in our teddy bears picnics throughout the week.

Reading corner.  We have recently purchased a new gazebo for our indoor reading corner.  The children have really enjoyed sitting in the quiet area with their friends enjoying looking at the books and sharing them with friends.

Dates for your diary:   Last day of term  – Thursday 21st July (open for the morning session only).  Pre-school closed from 12.00 on Thursday 21st July allow for Pre-School leavers event