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Newsletter 12th September 2017

Friday 15th September 2017

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new pre-school year

Welcome to all the returning pre-school children and the new children that have joined us this term.  As with every new pre-school year there will be children, and parents, that become upset and need extra support from the pre-school team.  I would like to reassure you that although it may seem loud, and chaotic at the start of the day and home time the staff have many years of experience in supporting children and parents to ensure the children settle.  We have lots of experience and tricks up our sleeves to ensure the children feel supported and are given the appropriate and necessary care, attention and support.  We would like to reassure you that children becoming upset whilst settling into a new setting or following a break, such as the summer holidays, is a normal part of the separation process and the staff are fully trained and experienced in dealing with this.  The children soon settle within 5 minutes and will happily play.  We understand that some children can take longer to settle than others and we treat each child as an individual and therefore support them appropriately.

Family Photos  To support your child to feel a part of the setting it is always nice to display their work and photos of their family.  Therefore could we please ask that you send in a photo of your family for our display board if you have not already done so.  This will provide a great opportunity for the children to talk to us about their families, which the children really enjoy sharing with us and their friends.

 Sun Safety  Please can we ask that you provide sun cream for your child if not already done so please.  Consent forms will be issued to you over the next couple of days for your completion and return to us along with your child’s sun cream to be kept at pre-school.  Our Sun Safety policy and procedure will also be sent home for you to read.  Please ensure to apply sun cream to your child prior to them coming to pre-school to ensure they have sun protection.  We will apply further sun cream if they are in all day and you have signed a consent form for us to do so.   In line with the children’s health and safety we will not allow children to go outside on sunny days if they have not had sun cream applied and we will call you to bring sun cream in so your child may go outside.

Health and Safety reminders 

  • Please can we ask that sun creams, lotions, medicines, lip balms and other similar products are not put in children’s book bags and other bags as this causes a safety risk to all the children who may venture into the bags. Please pass these items directly to a member of staff so they can be stored safely, many thanks.
  • Please ensure that your child does not bring in any small items such as coins, small toys, marbles etc. This poses a major risk of choking should a child put the items into their mouth.
  • Please can we respectfully ask that you supervise your child whilst on the premises prior to 9.00am. There may be times when a member of staff will be moving the resources around the garden prior to 9.00am.  Therefore please ensure your child does not run around the back of the building and follow the pre-school staff as they are unable to supervise your child prior to 9.00am.  Thank you.
  • Can we please ask that children do not attend pre-school 24hours following their immunisations. This is to ensure they are well and have not suffered any reactions to the immunisations.
  • Please can all grapes, tomatoes and cocktail sausages be cut lengthways to ensure they do not pose a risk of choking by creating a plug in the throat.
  • Can we also ask that no peanuts or products containing peanuts be sent into pre-school please. This is to reduce any risk of allergic reactions for any of the children.

Labelling children’s items  Please can you ensure to label all of your child’s belongings, this is to ensure they are returned safely to the correct child.  It is very important for your child’s lunchbox to be labelled clearly with their name; this is to ensure the child is given the correct lunch.

Welly boot donations please  Has your child outgrown their wellies?  We would really appreciate any wellies that your child no longer needs so the children can enjoy outside play such as puddle jumping and playing in the mud.  Many thanks for any welly boots you are able to let us have.

Old £1.00 Coins  We can no longer accept the old £1.00 coins, thank you.

Annual General Meeting (AGM).  As you may be aware we are a Committee Run Pre-School.  The committee is made up of parents and staff of the pre-school.  Each year there is an Annual General Meeting to which all parents, carers and staff are invited.  This is when the Committee will be enrolled for the year.  It would be great to have as many parents and carers on board as possible.  Should you wish to come along to the AGM or put your name forward to join the Committee please let Claire (Manager) or Lynne (Chairperson) know.  Further information regarding the committee can be found on our notice board and are displayed on notices around the pre-school.

Grant Forms  Please come and see Jo or Claire in the office to complete your form if not already done so, thank you.

Staffing  It is with sadness that I have to let you know that Jean will be leaving us on Friday 22nd September 2017.  Jean has decided it is time for her to move on to other employment.  Jean has worked at Courtney Ladybirds Pre-School for the past seven years and has brought so much to the team with her kindness, teaching and Special Educational Needs knowledge.  We would like to wish Jean well in her new role and thank her for all she has done for the pre-school and the many children that she has supported throughout the years.  We will miss her greatly.  If Jean is your child’s keyperson you will be told shortly who your child’s new key person will be.

Settling In  During the past couple of weeks the children have been settling in and getting to know each other.  It has been great to see how the children have quickly bonded with each other, making new friends and meeting up with their pals again after the summer break.  The children have enjoyed playing with the sand, making models with the blocks and even trying to build a wall with the sand and bricks.  We have a new display board in the main room called ‘Our Learning Journey’ which displays the children’s learning and exploring over the weeks.  This will be added to as the weeks go by.  Please come in and take a look.

Parent’s Information  There are many ways in which the pre-school shares information with the parents and carers.  Obviously one way is through a newsletter which we aim to send out every 2 weeks to keep you updated with pre-school news.  These newsletters are sent directly to parents/carers emails and paper copies issued should you not have an email.  The newsletters are also added to our website page at along with lots of other information.  The website is updated regularly so please take a look when you can.  We also have a Facebook page on which we add photos (no children can be identified by the photos).  The Facebook page shows the activities and interests that the children have been exploring.

Another way in which we provide information is through our ‘Link Books’.  These are small burgundy coloured note books which your child’s keyperson will write in (we aim to write in them once a week) with any interests or Wow moments they are showing at pre-school.  We also invite parents/carers to write any Wow moments that your child has achieved or any special places they have visited.  By having this information passed between home and the pre-school we can build a two way written form of communication to share non-confidential information and it’s a great way to keep in touch should you not be able to come into pre-school.

We have also set up this year a Parents/Carers Information Trolley.  You may have already seen this at the entrance to the pre-school main door.  Within this trolley there is lots of information and leaflets about your child’s education, supporting websites, information about potty training, healthy eating, and the importance of reading, mark making and messy play along with much more information.  Please feel free to take a look at the information and if there is any particular information that you would like then please let us know and we will do our best to gather the information, support and advice that you are interested in.

Dates for your diary. 

  • Debutots experience – Wednesday 20th September 1.30pm (further details to follow)
  • Debutots experience – Thursday 5th October 10.00am (further details to follow)
  • Last day of term 1 – Friday 20th October
  • First day of term 2 – Monday 30th October
  • Concept Photography – Thursday 2nd November (8.30 to 10.30am)
  • Last day of term 2 – Wednesday 13th December 2017
  • First day of term 3 – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Should you require any further information please speak to Claire (manager) or any other team member, thank you.