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Newsletter 10th October 2017

Friday 20th October 2017

Labelling childrens items  Please can you ensure to label all of your child’s belongings so they are returned safely to the correct child.  It is very important for your child’s lunchbox to be labelled clearly with their name; this is to ensure the child is given the correct lunch, thank you.

Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Thank you to all that attended the Pre-School Annual General Meeting and a big thank you to everyone that was able to join the committee and be involved in the running of the pre-school. We really appreciate your involvement and look forward to the year ahead.

What have the children been experiencing at pre-school recently?  The children have shown a great interest in the outdoor environment over the past weeks by collecting leaves and exploring the seeds and beans that Collette has been growing with the children this term.  The children have really enjoyed exploring the different colours of the leaves and mixing the paint to make new colours.  To extend this interest it would be great if the children could bring in some leaves that you may have collected whilst out on walks, we will use these to open up lots of communication about where the leaves have come from and the different colours.  We will also use the leaves to make collage pictures and window decorations.

In the garden the children have also discovered our big spider that lives above the main door.  He is often there and the children have become very fond of him and like to check he is still there and will give him a wave to say hello.  To extend this interest we have been sharing books and pictures about spiders with the children and talking about where spiders live, how many legs they have and what they eat.  We have also enjoyed making spider webs by threading wool through card.

Applying for School  Some children will be attending school from September 2018.  Therefore all parents/carers must apply for a school place as they are not automatically allocated.  Applications will need to be completed by 15th January 2018.  The following links to the local authorities websites provide further details and will guide you through the process.  Please select the appropriate link dependant on whether you live in South Glos  or Bristol

Concept Photography Thursday 2nd November 8.30 to 10.30am  Concept Photography will be attending the pre-school on Thursday 2nd November from 8.30am to 10.30am.  If your child attends preschool Thursday mornings then their photo will be taken during the normal session.  If your child does not attend on a Thursday morning and you wish your child to have their photo taken please speak to Stacey or Claire to arrange an appointment time.  Siblings are also welcome to come to have their photo with them.  Should you wish your child not to have their photo taken and they attend on a Thursday morning please let Stacey or Claire know please.

Donations  Should you be able to make a donation of any of the following items we would really appreciate your help.  As a charity we try to keep our costs down and would be pleased and thankful to receive any of the following;  antibac cleaning spray, boxes of tissues, refuse sacks, kitchen roll, floor cleaner, packets of seeds and pots for our garden, coloured paper or card, white paper or card.

Dates for your diary. 

  • Last day of term 1 Friday 20th October
  • First day of term 2  Monday 30th October
  • ZooLab  Wednesday 1st November
  • Concept Photography  Thursday 2nd November (8.30 to 10.30am)
  • Debutots Thursday 9th November 10.00am
  • Debutots Wednesday 15th November 1.30pm
  • Last day of term 2  Wednesday 13th December 2017
  • First day of term 3  Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Should you require any further information please speak to Claire (manager) or any other team member, thank you.