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New Playhouse and Hobbit House

Friday 27th October 2017

Over the past term we have been talking to the children about improving our outdoor space.  They have come up with lots of suggestions such as a “playhouse, little kitchen, little tiny stairs, decorations on the trees”.  It has been lovely hearing their ideas of what they would like to play with and have in the garden.

Therefore with the children’s ideas in mind, over the next few weeks a Playhouse will be designed and built at the pre-school.  The children will be able to watch the progress of it being made.  Who knows, this may well spark an interest in the children to one day become an architect, a carpenter or a builder themselves.

Lynne, the Chair of the Committee and parent, has kindly donated her time by arranging for the carpenter to design and build the playhouse and being on site so the playhouse can start to be built over the half term holidays.  I would like to thank Lynne very much for all that she have done to make this happen and for her support and help with this, thank you Lynne.

We will also be having a Hobbit House on the artificially grassed area at the pre-school in November.  This will provide lots of opportunities for the children’s imaginations to flow wherever the Hobbit House takes them.  They might use it to be a fairy princess or a pirate or just to sit in and relax with their friends.

There is a lot of excitement at pre-school for the Hobbit House and Playhouse.  So here are a few photos to show the progress so far. Further updates to follow …………..