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Newsletter 3rd October 2016

Monday 10th October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Grandparents Week

Thank you to all the grandparents that came into pre-school to celebrate Grandparents day.  It was lovely to meet so many of the grandparents and the children really enjoyed playing and sharing their pre-school experience with them.  During the week the children and grandparents were busy making cards, decorating ‘I love my grandparents because’ hearts, making pasta necklaces and sharing books and toys together.

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 12th October

Letters with reply slips have been issued to all parents/carers regarding the pre-school committee and the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is due to take place on Wednesday 12th October at 7.00pm.  Thank you to all those who have volunteered to be involved with the running of the pre-school, we really appreciate your support and the time that you are able to give to the pre-school.  There is still time to complete and return the reply slips should you wish to be involved, please do this by Monday 10th October 2016.  All are invited to join us at the AGM, please let a member of staff know if you will be attending, thank you.

Please meet the new member to our team

We would like to introduce you to a new member of our pre-school team – Courtney the Ladybird, our new cuddly soft toy.  We will be sending Courtney the Ladybird home with a different child each day.  Courtney would like to say “Hi I’m Courtney the Ladybird and I am new to Courtney Ladybirds Pre-School.  I would love to spend time with every child and would love to come home and stay with you.  When I come to stay with you I will bring fun and games with me so we can enjoy playing together and I would really love for you to write and draw a picture or take some photos that we could share with the rest of the children at pre-school.   So please remember when you take me home to bring me back the next time you come into pre-school so we can tell the other children all about our adventures and fun time together”.

Courtney the Ladybird will go home with a note to ask you to please write what your child has been doing.  The children love telling their friends what they have done and it is a great way to promote talking and listening skills.  It’s a lovely way to get them to talk about what they’ve been doing whilst they are out of pre-school.

Date for your diary

  • Pre-School Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 12th October 7.00pm
  • Last day of term – Friday 21st October
  • First day of term 2 – Monday 31st October
  • Diwali week commencing 31st October to 3rd November
  • Halloween week commencing 31st October to 3rd November
  • Concept photography – Tuesday 8th November (morning session only) further details to follow
  • Christmas Show – Friday 9th December 2016 morning (further details to follow
  • Christmas Party – Tuesday 13th December 12.00 to 1.45pm (further details to follow)
  • Last day of term 2 – Tuesday 13th December

All donations gratefully received

We always welcome any donations of the following items that you are able to bring into the pre-school.

Black bin bags, toilet gel, antibac spray, tissues, coloured card, paper, arts and crafts resources, washing up liquid.

Thank you in advance of any items you are able to bring in, we really appreciate your support.

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