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Monday 29th February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Just a reminder it is World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March 2016.  Therefore we would like to invite the children to dress up as their favorite book character and bring in their favorite book to share at pre-school on Thursday 3rd March 2016.  If any parents or grandparents would like to join us this week to read a story to the children we welcome you to come in.  Please speak to a member of staff should you wish to join us.

We are continuing to collect Sainsbury’s Vouchers, therefore should you have any vouchers we will gladly use them towards resources for the pre-school, thank you.

It’s that time of term again when the Education Grant Forms need to be signed. Therefore please come into the pre-school and see Jo or Claire to sign your form, thank you.

Can we please respectfully ask parents that if your child is poorly then please do not bring them into pre-school. If you have had to give your child calpol, or the equivalent, before they attend pre-school then we would recommend keeping your child at home so they can get better.  We have, on occasion been told that some children have had calpol and been sent into pre-school.  However later in the day when the medicine wears off the children have become poorly and we have had to contact parents to collect their children.   We really appreciate your co-operation with this to ensure the well-being of your child, the other children and the staff.

Please can we ask parents that if your child is unable to attend pre-school for a period of 3 consecutive days due to illness or is on holiday, could you complete the absent form at pre-school or put it in writing please. This is to ensure we have the necessary paperwork to support our claim for the Education Grant forms.  Thank you.

We have Monday afternoon sessions available should any of you wish your child to attend. If you would like this afternoon session please speak to Jo or Claire to arrange this.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the children’s experiences at pre-school. Therefore we are currently making improvements to our outside provision.  We would be grateful for any of the following items that you may be able to donate to us:

  • Car tyres (the middles removed please)  – Flat, smooth wooden planks
  • Large pebbles                                           – Sandpaper
  • Coloured scarves                                      – Kitchen utensils and plastic plates
  • Wellies                                                       – Jar lids and milk bottle lids
  • Ride along bikes                                       – Egg boxes
  • Small toy cars

Next term we will be beginning our planting in our gardening area. Within this area we will be planting vegetables and the children will be learning how to help plants to grow.  Our allotment was a great success last year and the children really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and learning about the outdoors and how to look after plants.  Therefore we would like to ask if any parents would be able to help us to develop and grow our allotment area.  We would really appreciate your knowledge and support.  Please speak to Claire or Lucy if you are able to help.

Many of the children really enjoy playing with the realistic looking bricks (they are made of foam for safety) and building with them. We were wondering if any parents who are in the building trade and would like to share their working experiences with us by bringing a little real life experience into the pre-school.  If you are able to share your working experiences with us please speak to a member of staff.

Dates for your diary: Last day of term 4 – Thursday 24th March 2016                                           First day of term 5 –  Monday 11th April 2016